Cancer is a monster that no one should have to fight. Especially not a child or teen. Someone who has their whole life ahead of them. But for then to fight this just goes to show they are strong. Stronger than people who don’t fight it. They are warriors. Every day a child is diagnosed with cancer. They fight everyday. For months or years. So show some support. If you would please go show this warrior some love by liking his Facebook support page. It brightens up his day(:

Sometimes when I’m sitting alone doing nothing I get really really sad. Not for myself but because my boyfriend has to stay in the hospital for months. It hurts me cause there’s nothing I can do. I hate this for him. He doesn’t deserve this but I know he will get through this. It’s been almost two months and it’s still unbelievable. I would have never thought he would go through this. But I will be there for him every step if the way. He will kick cancers ass.